The Backer Foundation

Saving for college is never easy, but it can feel impossible for families in challenging financial circumstances. The Backer Foundation exists to help these families, because every family deserves good financial advice and every child deserves a college fund.

Low-income families that qualify for a Backer Scholarship can start using Backer for free and will receive a $25 monthly bonus for up to 6 months.

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Support our efforts

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help the Backer Foundation reach even more families. The Backer Foundation is sponsored by the Edward Charles Foundation, which provides oversight and compliance support for charitable projects.


Become a sponsor

The Backer Foundation relies on charitable gifts to support families in need. This is in addition to the 1% of revenue that Backer provides. We encourage you to make a larger contribution to propel this effort forward.


Partner with us

If your organization (non-profit, school, district, community center, etc.) supports low-income families, we would love to partner with you to support your community and help more of these families send their kids to college.


See if you qualify for a Backer Scholarship

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I’ve submitted. Am I approved?

Our team works to review each submission to make sure they qualify for the program. Given the volume of submissions, it may take a while to hear back from us on the status of your application.

What can I do while I wait to hear back from the Backer Foundation?

If you feel ready, you can start saving immediately using the Backer platform. Starting to save there has no impact on your submission being approved.

Can I sign up for a family member who is not part of my immediate family?

Yes you can!

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Anyone who is eligible to pursue higher education and can create a Backer account is eligible to apply.

Does the foundation make direct donations or payments to individuals/ families/ organizations?

No, all scholarship funds are directed toward the college funds for scholarship recipients.

When can I withdraw funds from my account?

Donated funds from the foundation can only be used for college funds and expenses. If the scholarship recipient is in that position, please reach out directly to to begin this process.