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The world’s first social college fund,
with a team of backers for your child.

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Why Backer?

We’ve helped families save over $20 million with a hassle-free, tax-free college fund where family and friends can play a role. In just a few minutes, you’ll be on track to afford college for your child.

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  • Invest tax-free

    Backer helps you open a
    top-tier 529 Savings Plan.

  • Gifts that matter

    Make it easy for friends and
    family to support your child.

  • Stay on track

    Receive personalized advice to
    maximize your savings.

  • Reach your savings goals

    Give your child a debt-free

Invest tax-free with
a 529 Plan

Get ahead of college costs

There's a powerful tool called a 529 Savings Plan, which lets you invest tax-free and use the funds toward the cost of college, K-12 education, apprenticeships, and more. Backer is your personal education savings coach, helping you navigate a complex landscape and get the most out of your 529 plan.

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The power of

Let the people who care about your child help them succeed.

40% of the money we’ve helped our families save has come from family and friends – 30x higher than the industry average. Backers can give on holidays, birthdays, or even every month.

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  • "One of the smartest ways to get ahead of the game and keep your child's student loan debt to a minimum is to open a tax-free 529 college savings plan" through Backer.
  • Backer "combines crowdfunding, robo-investment advice, and 529 college savings plans" and "makes it easy for friends and family to contribute to your child's education."
  • Backer "advises users online about 529 investments... and lets savers share a special link that lets relatives and friends donate online."
  • Backer "guides users through the process of creating a tax-free investment fund, letting them seamlessly link their bank accounts for one-time or automatic contributions, and allowing them to track the progress of their nest eggs."
  • Backer "aims to assist parents in choosing the right plan. No sit-down with a banker required; once you figure out which plan is right for you, you can both open your account and manage it online."
  • Backer "sets up 529s on users' behalf, simplifying a sometimes confusing state-level process, and enables contributions from grandparents and friends."

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