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Your kid deserves a shot at their brightest future β€” without a lifetime of debt following them around. Here's how to make it happen, together.


Set up and manage the fund day-to-day

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The smartest way to save for school

You want the best future for your kid. But there's so much to figure out along the way. We've taken the guesswork out of saving for education, so you can take at least one thing off your list. πŸ™Œ

Super simple saving

Paperless setup. Automated contributions. Real-time projected savings. It's everything you need to manage your fund, all from your phone.

Gifts that make a difference

Every fund has a shareable custom link, so backers can add money straight into the fund, any time. Think birthdays, holidays... Wednesdays. And share family updates to keep everyone inspired and excited to save, all year long. πŸŽ‰

What is family update?

The best 529 around

We'll set you up with the top-rated 529 plan in the country. It's like a 401K for education, so you can grow your savings, tax-free. If you've been wondering how you'll be able to save enough in time for college, this is it.

Learn about 529s

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

πŸš€Get a $1,000 boost. See how it works.

Big love from Backer families

Surprise: it's not just parents who love saving together.


We really needed to start saving for our baby. IΒ love that family members can make contributions. Instead of giving the baby gifts or monetary gifts they can just make a contribution towards their college fund. It makes me feel comfortable knowing we are saving for his future.

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It's like an insurance policy for your child's future

Your fund can be used to cover all kinds of education expenses, not just traditional college. Think tuition, books and supplies, housing, tech bootcamps, apprenticeships, study abroad programs, and way more.

Small savings stack up

When you're saving together, even a few dollars a month can add up fast.

Higher (ed) insurance

We're an SEC-registered investment adviser with servers monitored 24/7.

Low, transparent fees

So more of your money can go where it really matters: your kid's college fund.

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